(Photo by Chris)

Those rare but beautiful sensations that come from a satisfying experience are treasured events for creatively thinking and caring people.

Did I make a difference from involvement in a project or work task, did I feel good even if the result was average.

Even when you do more than your best and it simply does not work…... does that bring a warming glow?

Its Ok to feel good about ourselves despite the result especially when we give it our all.

In a dislocated and shallow world where life is cheap, where the internet steals and takes ideas from anyone and theft of copyright is prevalent, its very Ok for you to feel good when you have used every last grain of your IP to make a difference.

If you have not felt a warming glow, then seek out those who want to enjoy some of yours.

Its a two way street, share it and it comes back.

A warming glow is a rare treat and sharing it is infectious……..a charming mutual disease of warm glowing fulfilment.