(Photo by Chris)

An arrow points down a path and we blindly follow it, then the path branches at a Y intersection with two arrows.Which path may we choose ? Left or right?

The right path looks better than the left. Different directions. So you follow the path that looks better. The right hand path.The grass seems greener down that path and much better than the other one on the left. However there is a bend in the path that we did not see from the start point.As we travel on around that bend there is a dry land, not green as we predicted. Did we make a mistake? Why did I not predict the possibilities.Maybe I should have chosen the left path that looked Ok.

The truth is that we always take different paths however we fail to check or be prepared for all possibilities and find ourselves in a bad place.Is there a fool proof decision making process to avoid such disappointment?

No…… there is no fool proof method. It’s how we deal with the issue that has confronted us when it unexpectedly arises.

Choosing the path is fine, always remember that every path has twists and turns that will test our deepest strength and resolve…..the strength within always overcomes adversity and our reward is being doubly blessed by our personal achievement.