(Photo by Chris)

As we go up one side and down the other the pattern of the a roller coaster forms in our minds.

Even if I search for a stable plateau I never seem to find one. Is that because there is no such thing as a stable plateau or is it that the roller coaster ride is simply part of being present on this earth?

As I continue to ride the roller coaster I began to realise the effects it provides.
Dismay and panic as I went down the slippery slide followed by the exhilaration of the ascent and the euphoric feeling of success at the top again.
Maybe the roller coaster of life is not too bad after all despite the lows and the plunging feeling that come from disappearing into the abyss.

Was the down time a preparation for the upside?

As the cycle of the roller coaster keeps recurring its my choice to accept that it is simply a pattern that comes and goes.
There is no plateau of security and continual happiness.

My role in life is to be a fearless rider of the the roller coaster knowing that through self belief, discipline and skill the ride up the other side is well worth it.